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Torsion Spring Replacement


A garage is composed of a variety of highly essential components and all have unique but important roles being played to maintain the entire unit’s optimum functionality and reliability. But one of the most vital components of a garage door is the torsion spring which is the main responsible in keeping the entire panel in balance as it opens and closes. And whenever you have a broken garage spring, it’s best to leave the work to skilled technicians who are trained to perform such complex tasks. 

Knowing more about your torsion spring

As mentioned above, a torsion spring is that one component of your garage door that helps the opening and closing movements of your garage door panel go smoothly as possible. Torsion springs have varied life expectancies mostly depending on the quality of such component and the frequency of its use. With a regular use of 2-3 cycles every day, a torsion spring can last from 4-7 years. But apart from the quality and usage, there are also other factors that can directly affect the lifespan of your torsion spring. Poor maintenance and continuously operating your garage door with loose tracks can hurt your torsion spring pretty bad. 

Fastest and safest torsion spring replacement solution

Some garage owners may encourage you to replace your torsion spring on your own. Garage Door Brampton strongly discourages such a deed since great risk is involved. All our technicians here at Garage Door Brampton are licensed and certified professionals who are consistently trained to provide the smoothest and most efficient torsion spring replacement services. Furthermore, we see to it that all our field technicians are always and completely equipped with the most advanced and most sophisticated equipment and hardware to make sure that every torsion spring replacement that we provide is safe and effective from start to finish. Lastly, Garage Door Brampton offers torsion spring replacement solutions at the most reasonable price providing cost-effective alternatives compared to our competitors’ offered services.